About Equalz

The only disability is when people cannot see human potential.

– Debra Ruh

Equalz was started by Allen and Rasha Asmar, owners of Forever Care Homes. Forever Care Homes provides personal care and supervision to their clients with mental and developmental needs.

Through this experience, Rasha and Allen realized that while their resident’s physical needs were being met, their social and developmental needs were more difficult to stimulate.

Equalz provides experiential opportunities to promote confidence and independence and allows their clients to feel EQUAL.

Equalz Mission

To provide experiential, social and developmental opportunities to adults with mental and developmental challenges, through fundraising and community outreach.

Equalz Vision

Expanded inclusion and opportunity to the greater community of adults with mental and developmental challenges and leveling the playing field of experiential, social and developmental opportunities.

Through fundraising we can provide experiential opportunities like horseback riding or roller skating, or developmental opportunities like job training.

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By partnering with organizations like Far Therapeutic Arts and Recreation and………….(insert others TBD), we can achieve our goal of making everyone we serve feel EQUAL!

If you know of a uniquely abled adult who would like to be included in our next outing or you know of an organization interested in partnering with us, please click here.

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Values Statement

Everyone deserves an EQUAL opportunity to live their life to their fullest ability.